June 15, 2019

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Get money super quick payday advance online lenders

Jeannine is a non-banking brand that most clients associate mainly with TV commercials. So if you are wondering about a loan in this company and would like to make sure that it is a good choice, take a look at the list of advantages and disadvantages of this lender. find out more also why choosing this quick payday advance offer is a safe solution.

The Jeannine brand appeared on the loan market in 2013. This company specializes in providing short-term liabilities via the Internet. In our comparator, Jeannine is very popular among website users and customers who have already used the services of the company usually rate its services for four or five stars.

If you match the parameters of the loan to your real possibilities and carefully read the payday contract, you should not have any problems with taking out a loan in Jeannine.

The advantages and disadvantages of a loan in Jeannine

Jeannine, like any non-bank brand, has both strong and weak elements in its offer. In order to indicate these features, we compared the Jeannine proposal with other loans appearing in our ranking. We took into account the issues that are important from the point of view of the borrower, ie the loan limit for new customers or the acceptable repayment period. See how the Jeannine brand fell in this comparison!

The benefits of a payday in Jeannine

  1. A free minute for people lending for the first time – the new customer only gives away what he borrowed.
  2. High payday limit for existing customers – the maximum loan amount for regular customers amounts to PLN 5,000.
  3. Quick loan decision – a loan is paid out on the customer’s account for one business day.
  4. No need to provide additional documents – the company’s client does not need to provide any income confirmation certificates.
  5. Short registration form – the registration form (which is also part of the loan application) contains only questions about the basic personal data of the applicant.
  6. The loan is also available for older people – for a payday in Jeannine, you can request people up to 76 years of age.

Disadvantages of a moment in Jeannine

  1. Low amount of the first loan – a new customer can borrow no more than PLN 1,000.
  2. Short loan period – in Jeannine you can not borrow money for more than 30 days.
  3. No possibility to extend the repayment of the loan – the liability should be repaid in accordance with the deadline specified in the contract.
  4. One way of client verification – the borrower’s identity is confirmed only on the basis of a bank transfer.
  5. One form of cash withdrawal – a break is transferred only in the form of a transfer to the customer’s account.
  6. High minimum age of the client – to apply for a loan in Jeannine, you must be over 20 years old.
  7. No bonuses for regular borrowers – Jeannine does not currently have any loyalty programs for its clients.
  8. Control in several debtors’ databases – Jeannine checks the client in such registers as Infomonitor, KRD or ERIF.

Opinions about Jeannine

Jeannine is a brand with which we have been cooperating almost from the beginning of our comparator. Users of our website are eager to reach for this offer, appreciating the possibility of quickly borrowing money free of charge. In our opinion, however, you can slightly improve this proposal by increasing, for example, the amount of a free loan. Such a move would certainly satisfy people seeking more financial support.