December 3, 2019

How can I borrow money without income?


Do you want to borrow money without income, for example when you can no longer pay the bills (temporarily)? Have you recently been out of work and the bills are piling up, so you can no longer pay them? Borrowing money without income is considerably more difficult than with sufficient income, although there are some options.

Keep in mind that borrowing money without income is generally more expensive than when you have enough income. This is due to the fact that the lender runs an additional risk. Normally you could use the income to pay the interest payments and to repay the loan amount. Especially when you want to borrow money without income to take out a consumer credit, this is often difficult.

Below we list a few options for borrowing money without income. In addition, it is also wise to contact debt counseling in your municipality. In this way you prevent any problems in the long term, so that you can remain financially stable.

Borrow money with a small credit

Borrow money with a WOZ credit

You can borrow money without income the moment you own a home with surplus value. Is the mortgage (considerably) lower than the value of the home, as it appears from the most recent small decision? Then there is a chance that you can take out a small credit. This means that you can use the surplus value in the home to take out a loan. With that value you ensure that you can pay the bills for the time being. However, keep in mind that the small credit can temporarily provide a periodic payment, the surplus value is of course not endless.

Borrow money from friends or family

Borrow money from friends or family

Do you want to borrow money without income and have you never used credit before? Then there is a chance that friends or family can and want to borrow your money. Do they have enough money and are you looking for help in that area? It is important to explain the situation to them, to put everything clearly on paper and to make clear how you will repay the amount. That way you can borrow money without income, as long as you naturally have an overview of your income to repay the whole.

Pawn things and borrow money

Do you notice that borrowing money without income is more difficult than you might think, do the banks indicate that they unfortunately cannot lend you money? In that case you can, for example, use a municipal bank or city bank, where you can pledge things to get money available in exchange. You can pledge your valuables instead of selling them. You don’t do it then

definitive waiver, you will already receive money at your disposal. You can ‘buy back’ your things later, as soon as you have it back on track financially.