April 1, 2019

How to apply for the loan in proper way – easy and fast

When we are thinking about changing car or in many occasions we want to buy a PC or do any kind of thing that requires an investment, the best idea is undoubtedly the loan that can be obtained through the Internet at any time of the year. day.

This is one of the entities that helps us in a very simple way to be able to get the type of loan we need in a few minutes without having to leave endorsement things that we can not really afford or ask for favors from people we can not.

One of the first credits of that helps more people is the loan , through this type of credits you can help your family and your home to get out of any trouble.

The loan is the best solution in every way since they can help you get a good reform of your home or ensure the purchase of furniture for your home. With this type of credits , you can solve in a few minutes any type of unforeseen expense that you have at any time.

The loans are the most convenient option in the market, not only because you can enjoy the money in your bank account without leaving home, but because you do not have to pay absolutely during the first three months in which you have the credit This is one of the best advantages of the entity, since you not only have time to save for payments, but to use your money and feel comfortable.

To be able to get a loan of this type , the first thing you have to take into account is the processing of the card . This card has many benefits for all people who want a quick micro credit .

What are the requirements you need for this type of loan

What are the requirements you need for this type of loan

  • You must have a valid ID
  • You must have at least the last two payrolls
  • You must have the IRPF declaration ready
  • In these cases you must have a payroll in the entity to be able to open this account; however, the type of credit granted is reserved for the bank’s decision and what they consider to be the risk criteria.

How to request the Loan in the correct way

How to request the Loan in the correct way

The first thing you must do is to enter the web and look for the option of loans and credits, then loan , consult . You will find on the right side of the screen an option that will help you to know what is the amount of money you must pay monthly depending on the amount of money you want for the time you are looking to pay. This is one of the best options on the page, since you know directly what is the amount you are going to pay month to month and see if it really is a type of option that suits you or on the contrary, you should ask for a smaller amount.

The credit simulators help you not to get into debt so you can get the exact amount you can pay month to month, adapting the credit to you, without you being the one who has to change your life to ask for a loan.

Once you know the amount of money you can pay and have the credit established, it is time to send the application. To send it, all you have to do is fill in the form of the loan page with your personal data and put the documents requested. Normally it is the DNI and a proof of income . The only thing you have to take into account in this case, is that the more data about you you send, the more likely you are that the credit will be granted.

You will not be able to receive a credit if you have a large amount of debts or the entity considers that you could not pay the monthly installments , but since you have done the simulator before asking for the credit, you already know perfectly how much you should ask for the credit.

Once the entity receives the request that you have sent, will go to review all the data , to see that you really are the person who claims to be and that you are in a position to request a credit with them, that is, that you meet the requirements of the proper way otherwise, the entity will send you an email with the negative.

If the application is accepted, for the loan , then you will be able to see the entity’s contract in the email. In this contract, everything that is relevant about the payments and how to make them is stipulated. In addition, there will be a link in which you will have to enter and symbolize the signing of the contract. Once you enter it, the money will be automatically transferred to your bank account . It will be much faster if you already have an account in .

This is undoubtedly a type of adequate credit to meet the needs of all members of the family and you can receive up to 60000 euros to pay in about 96 months . These types of credits can be used from buying a simple whim to a family trip.

If they deny the credit, you can try again a few months later with the following requirements.

  • ID of the applicant, Residence Card or Passport.
  • 2 last payrolls (employees).
  • IRPF statement (last exercise).
  • Seniority in the company 6 months and direct debit
  • Bank credit cards