April 12, 2019

Quick Loan Finder

What are the requirements to be able to request a loan

The first thing you should know is that you must be of legal age to be able to get a credit with the platform . The ages are between 18 and 75 years old. In addition, from that, the person requesting the credit must be a Spanish citizen and have a bank account within the country in their name. It must also be able to demonstrate stable income although it does not have to be from a payroll.

Each of the entities has its own requirements; however, these are the basic requirements to be able to request a credit in any of them.

Who can see your data once you send it to the entity

The entities that work with the platform do not have access to your data until it is found with the company that really adapts to your case. That is, they will only be given to a company that is the one that will contact you to give you the credit. The security of the platform in terms of personal data is one of the safest and resembles that used in the world’s largest banks. The improvements made in the platform are constant, in order that absolutely no one can circumvent the security of the entity.

How loans are returned

How loans are returned

Most loans are returned after the deadline , although as we have said at the top, if you want you can pay the amount of money ahead of time, without this implies an extra expense for you, since you only pay for the time that money takes with you.

In addition to that, you have the facility to choose if you want the entity to collect the money from your account on the day that the term ends or if you want to deposit the money in the account that the entity will send you in the confirmation email.

The extensions in the entities

Whenever you need a little more time to be able to pay the entity the money they have lent you , you must request an extension at least a week in advance. This is done in your account on platform. What you must do is enter your account and pay through your card the interest that has accumulated until then, then you can count on one more month to make the payment and your credit in full if you do not know how You can see how many interests you have, you can see it through the simulator that you will find on the main page, you only have to enter the credit days you have and the amount you have initially requested.